Star Ocean: The Second Story R Switch NSP XCI ROM

Star Ocean The Second Story R
Genre Role-playing, Fighting
Publisher Square Enix
Released December 3, 2023
Download 139
Region USA
4/5 - (2 votes)

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Switch NSP is the latest installment in the beloved Star Ocean series. Initially released in 2008, the game has been entirely reimagined with a unique 2.5D visual style, combining stunning 3D environments with nostalgic 2D-pixel characters. Players can choose to play as either Claude or Rena and will encounter a young girl on their journey to save her people.

Star Ocean The Second Story R Switch NSP

The game includes a wide range of features, from dynamic battles with new mechanics like Break and Assault Actions to an enhanced Item Creation system to craft powerful gear. Voiceover options include full Japanese and English voiceovers, plus dialogues from the original release of Star Ocean Second Evolution. The soundtrack has been re-composed by renowned composer Motoi Sakuraba with new recordings for a fully modernized JRPG experience.

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Continuing from its predecessor, Star Ocean: The Second Story R Switch NSP is a remake of the original Star Ocean game released in 1998. This modernized JRPG offers an exciting adventure filled with exploration, dungeons to bustling towns, and encounters with a young girl who is a part of an ancient prophecy. Players are able to choose between Claude or Rena, two protagonists with different perspectives, available allies, and narratives. The Private Actions system is a unique feature that impacts relationships and multiple endings.

Star Ocean The Second Story R NSP ROM

The combat system also sees a variety of new elements. Dynamic battles employ new mechanics such as Break and coordinated Assault Actions for strategic advantage. Players can customize their characters by mastering the enhanced item creation system and unlocking new skills, including Cooking, Art, and Metalcraft, which culminate in Specialty levels. Highly detailed 2D-pixel characters and 3D environments are featured in this game, as well as a complete Japanese and English voiceover for all event scenes with the original cast. The soundtrack has also been reimagined, with the renowned composer Motoi Sakuraba re-composing the iconic music, including exploration and cinematic themes with new recordings.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R offers three difficulty modes for different player preferences: Earth for a relaxed gaming experience, Galaxy for a satisfying challenge, and Universe for the most demanding players.

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Attractive Features of Star Ocean: The Second Story R ROM

2.5D Visuals

The game offers an aesthetically pleasing universe, blending beautiful 3D landscapes with delightful 2D pixelated characters.

Dual Protagonists & Paths

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R XCI ROM, the gamers’ selection of either Claude or Rena modifies viewpoints, accessible companions, and evolving storylines. The implementation of the Private Actions system influences interrelationships and generates a variety of conclusions.

Strategic Combat

Experience the thrill of energetic, high-speed conflicts with improved fighting systems. Utilize mighty Break strikes and perform destructive Assault Actions to conquer your adversaries.

Star Ocean The Second Story R NSP

Skill Customization

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R NSP, you can tailor your party’s advancement through a variety of skills, including Cooking, Art, and Metalcraft. Utilize the advanced Item Creation system to manufacture potent equipment with diverse impacts.

Voiceover Options

The event scenes in the game include complete voiceovers in both Japanese and English, with the original voice cast being preserved. Moreover, dialogues from “Star Ocean Second Evolution” are also incorporated.

Reimagined Soundtrack

The iconic soundtrack is reimagined and newly recorded by the acclaimed composer Motoi Sakuraba, enhancing both exploration and cinematic themes through his arrangements.


Star Ocean: The Second Story R Switch NSP is a classic and ultimate return to the classic JRPG genre. With its new content and modernized battle mechanics, the game offers an enjoyable and fast-travel experience for both newcomers and long-time fans. Players will take on the roles of either Claude or Rena and embark on a journey to discover a way home.

Star Ocean The Second Story R ROM

The game’s unique Private Actions system allows players to progress their relationships with the party members, and their choices will affect the game’s plot and ending. The Item Creation system has also been enhanced, meaning players must master the system in order to create the ultimate items. With its vibrant world, stunning visuals, and full-band voice cast, Star Ocean: The Second Story R ROM is sure to provide much to discover for its players.


Can players choose their starting character in Star Ocean: The Second Story R?

Yes, players have the option to begin their adventure as either Claude or Rena, and their choice will influence the story, available allies, perspectives, and potential endings.

Are there any new elements or enhancements in this remake?

Yes, the remake includes new battle mechanics, fully voiced event scenes in both Japanese and English, reimagined music by Motoi Sakuraba, and updated visuals that blend the charm of 2D pixel characters with modern 3D environments.

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