Pokemon Wally Quest ROM Download (New Version)

Pokemon Wally Quest
Genre RPG
Publisher Sofie
Released October 16, 2022
Download 120
Region USA
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Embark on an exciting new adventure with Pokemon Wally Quest and explore a unique version of the world of Pokemon. This GBA ROM is based on Pokemon Emerald and ORAS, with the main Pokemon changes regarding evolution. With a newly inserted detour into an alternate reality where Wally is the protagonist, this game has been tested and is available to download. With a longer pre-Elite Four (E4) plot, a new rival/antagonist, post-game episodes, and various sidequests, Pokemon Wally Quest ROM has something for everyone.

Pokemon Wally Quest ROM

The Pokemon Wally Quest Download incorporates RHH’s battle-engine features, including the physical/unique split, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, etc. All Pokemon, movesets, TMs, and Move Tutors up to Generation VII are included, including Melmetal. Expect more double battles, including Gym Leader and E4 rematches and some boss fights. All Pokemon have perfect IVs, and NPC opponents have EVs and natures, adding a strategic element to battles. Gym Guides offer battles for fast leveling, and EV-training NPCs are unlockable through side events.

What is the Gameplay of Pokemon Wally Quest ROM?

Pokemon Wally Quest is a GBA ROM Hack based on Pokemon Emerald and ORAS. It features a new version, intended to be Nuzlocke-able with diversity in each replay, which updates the usual Pokemon changes regarding evolution. The main storyline follows the catch-them-all subtheme, with some additional info available to the player. The player embarks on a quest to catch, use, make, and sell Pokemon and encounters several simple story points that require certain items. The game also features a bag and experience changer and a save file patch intended to be used in v1.1.


Starting from the pre-Elite Four (E4) plot, the storyline of Pokemon Wally Quest Cheats is extended up to level 85. The game’s main antagonist is a new rival introduced to the player. It also presents post-game episodes that open up after completing the main game. The game follows the idea of what would have happened if Maxie and Archie had used the correct Orbs and the secrets that Wally’s dad wanted to tell him after the 5th Gym.

Pokemon Wally Quest Download

The player traverses the world, encountering NPCs on their way who give eggs and berries and Professor dialogues that are adjusted. Players can also meet gym guides, who offer battles to fast-track leveling up. The Pokemon Wally Quest ROM hack incorporates RHH’s battle-engine features, including the physical/unique split, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, etc. All Pokémon, movesets, TMs, and Move Tutors up to Generation VII are included, including Melmetal.

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What are the Popular Features of the Pokemon Wally Quest Version?

Play as Wally: In Pokemon Wally Quest Download, you play as Wally, the character from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, providing a different perspective on the game’s events.

Expanded Pokémon Roster: The game includes Pokémon from Generations 1 to 7, offering diverse species to encounter and capture.

Updated Abilities, Moves, and TMs: Abilities, moves, and TMs have been updated to include those introduced in Generation 7, expanding the movepool and strategies available to players.

Physical and Special Split: In the Pokemon Wally Quest ROM, players can use the material and special move split introduced in later generations. This split greatly enhances battle mechanics and strategy, creating a more engaging gameplay experience.

Pokemon Wally Quest Cheats

EV Training: Players can use Effort Value (EV) training to optimize their Pokémon’s stats, adding depth to battles and customization.

Mega Evolution: In the Pokemon Wally Quest GBA ROM, players can witness the awe-inspiring power of Mega Evolution as confident Pokemon undergo incredible transformations during battles.

Z Moves: The game includes Z Moves, which offers powerful, one-time-use attacks, further diversifying battle strategies.

Ability Changer: After obtaining the 5th Gym Badge, players gain access to an Ability Changer, allowing them to modify their Pokémon’s abilities for tactical advantage.

Rich Post-Game Content: Players can expect a wealth of post-game content in the Pokemon Wally Quest English Version, with many additional adventures and challenges awaiting them once they complete the main storyline.

Quality-of-Life Improvements: Various quality-of-life enhancements have been made to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Download Pokemon Wally Quest GBA ROM

In conclusion, Pre-patched Pokemon Wally Quest takes the beloved Pokémon Emerald Version and transforms it into a thrilling ROM hack where players can assume the role of Wally. By stepping into his shoes in this distinct adventure set in the Hoenn region, players are treated to an entirely new perspective on their favorite Pokémon world. Pokemon Wally Quest Cheats boasts numerous exciting features, such as an expanded roster of Pokémon up to Generation 7 alongside updated abilities, movesets, and TMs.

Furthermore, players can enjoy gameplay enhancements like EV training options, Mega Evolution, and Z Moves mechanics. Additionally, after obtaining the 5th Gym Badge in-game, players gain access to an Ability Changer feature, which adds another layer of depth to their journey. With its rich post-game content and quality-of-life improvements implemented throughout the game experience, Download Pokemon Wally Quest GBA ROM for a truly immersive adventure that fans enjoy exploring.


Is Pokemon Wally Quest challenging or designed for Nuzlocke runs?

Pokemon Wally Quest is not primarily a difficulty hack, it does include measures to raise the difficulty. It is intended to be Nuzlocke-able, but some battles may pose challenges, so you may need to adapt Nuzlocke rules accordingly.

How does EV training work in the game?

EV (Effort Value) training is available in the Pokemon Wally Quest game, allowing players to customize and optimize their Pokémon's stats. This adds a strategic element to battles, as you can train your Pokémon to excel in specific areas

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