Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Download For GBA Emulator

Pokemon Ultra Violet
Genre Role-Playing
Publisher LocksmithArmy
Released June 10, 2018
Download 138
Region USA
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Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM is an enhanced version of the popular Pokemon Fire Red game for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Created by LocksmithArmy in 2013, the ROM hack includes all 386 Pokemon from the first three generations, new moves and abilities, improved graphics, and a host of updated features.

Players can choose to play as a male or female character and embark on an adventure to become the champion of the Pokemon League. Along the way, they will battle against other trainers, collect badges from gym leaders, and complete various side quests. To achieve their goals, they must catch and train Pokemon, explore new islands, and use special Safari Balls to catch rare Pokemon such as Mew. With the help of Professor Oak, they must fill out their Pokedex and unlock the game’s title screen. New routes, islands, and game mechanics make this Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM Download one of the best and most complete Pokemon games available.

What is the Gameplay of Pokemon UltraViolet?

The gameplay of Ultra Violet Pokemon, a popular GBA ROM Hack, offers a refreshing and challenging experience for fans of the original FireRed game. It takes the traditional storyline and adds numerous features that enhance exploration and battles. One of the most exciting aspects is the inclusion of all 386 Pokemon from Generation I to III, ensuring a vast array of options when assembling your team.

Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM

Pokemon Ultra Violet Version introduces new areas to explore, such as Seven Island, previously inaccessible in FireRed. This expansion allows players to embark on post-game adventures and catch rare Pokémon exclusive to these areas. Another exciting aspect is the ability to obtain all three starters from different regions early on in the game, enabling trainers to experiment with various strategies right from the beginning.

Additionally, improved AI and gym leader rosters have been added to keep players on their toes during battles. Gym leaders now possess stronger teams with diverse move sets that require careful planning from trainers. This Pokemon Ultra Violet Cheat increases the difficulty level and adds depth and excitement while facing familiar adversaries.

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Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM Walkthrough (Storyline)

The Pokemon Ultra Violet version is one of the best games, offering players a unique gaming experience with many features. This Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM Hack includes all Pokemon from the first three generations, allowing players to capture their favorite creature in the game. The storyline follows the same path as the original Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen games but with some new twists and turns to keep players entertained.

Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM

Not only does the game offer a plethora of new Pokemon to catch, but it also provides several new areas to explore. Players can ignore Professor Oak’s three starters and capture their first Pokemon from the Pokemon Tower. Additionally, players can find new Pokemon locations with unique items and unlock recent events by completing the Sevii Islands quest. The Pokemon Ultra Violet Download also offers a turn-based battle system, allowing players to battle and capture various Pokemon, including Generation 2 Pokemon and Gen 3. One of the game’s best features is the ability to catch every Pokemon in the Kanto region, giving players the option to build their team of powerful fighting Pokemon.

What are the Features of the Pokemon Ultra Violet Version?

Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM features:

Expanded Pokémon Roster: Including all 386 Pokémon from the first three generations opens up many options for players to catch and train.

Character Customization: The ability to choose between a male or female character provides players with a personalized experience.

Enhanced Graphics and Animations: Improved visuals, including new Pokémon animations and enhanced maps, create a more engaging and visually appealing game.

Pokemon Ultra Violet version

New Moves and Abilities: Introducing new moves and abilities and updated stats adds strategic depth to battles and gameplay.

Side Quests and Mini-Games: Engaging in side quests and mini-games like the Safari Zone and Sevii Islands quest provides players additional challenges and rewards beyond the main storyline.

New Items: The inclusion of new items, evolution stones, and unique types of Poké Balls enriches the gameplay experience.

Updated Soundtrack: With new music added to the game, the soundtrack helps set the tone and atmosphere of the adventure.

Gym Leader and Elite Four Rematches: Remapping gym leaders and Elite Four members add an avenue for skill improvement and reward collection.

Exploration of New Locations: Expanding the game world to include areas like the Sevii Islands and Orange Archipelago encourages exploration and discovery.

Increased Challenge: Raising trainer levels and creating more brutal battles gives players a more challenging experience than the original FireRed game.

Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Download Starters

Capture your starter Pokemon among three Pokemon:

Charmander: A Pokemon that belongs to the Fire-type and possesses the Blaze ability. As it grows, it evolves into Charmeleon at level 16 and further transforms into Charizard when it reaches level 36.

Squirtle: A Water-type Pokemon that can Torrent. It goes through a process of evolution and becomes Wartortle once it reaches level 16. Afterward, at level 36, it evolves again and transforms into Blastoise.

Bulbasaur: A Grass Poison-type Pokemon that possesses the Overgrow ability. It undergoes evolution into Ivysaur once it reaches level 16 and further evolves into Venusaur at level 36.

Why Download Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Hack?

If you’re a Pokemon FireRed version fan but crave something more challenging and exciting, downloading the Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA is a must. This unique hack offers a fresh take on the classic FireRed experience by introducing new features, improvements, and even new Pokemon. With an expanded Pokedex that includes rare and elusive Pokemon from various generations, your journey will be filled with surprises and encounters you’ve never experienced.

Pokemon UltraViolet ROM

One of the standout features of Pokemon UltraViolet is its improved difficulty level. Suppose you found the original Pokemon Fire Red version too easy or needed more challenge. In that case, this Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Download for GBA emulator will be a thrilling adventure. Gym Leaders are not pushovers anymore; they have more substantial teams and employ more innovative strategies to give you a real run for your money. Be prepared to face stricter battles as you progress through the eight gyms and ultimately challenge the Elite Four.


Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM is a fantastic option for fans of the Gameboy Advance classic Pokemon games seeking a fresh and exciting experience. With its enhanced features and expanded Pokedex, players can embark on new adventures and catch previously unobtainable Pokemon. The Pokemon Ultra Violet offers improved graphics and sound quality, enhancing the gameplay experience. Whether you are a seasoned Pokemon trainer or new to the series, Pokémon Ultra Violet ROM provides hours of entertainment and nostalgia. So why wait? Download Pokemon UltraViolet ROM today and dive into the world of Pokemon like never before!


Is Pokemon Ultra Violet complete?

Yes, Pokemon Ultra Violet is complete.

Can I catch Mew in Pokemon Ultra Violet?

Yes, you can receive Mew as a Mystery Gift in Pokémon Ultra Violet.

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