Pokemon Sage Download RPGXP ROM (Complete)

Pokemon Sage
Genre RPG
Publisher /vp/
Released October 16, 2023
Download 62
Region USA
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Pokemon Sage is an incredible fan-made RPG Maker XP game released in 2017. It is developed by an anonymous developer rather than by Nintendo. The game takes place in the vast Urobos region based in Central and South America. It contains a variety of unique Fakemon that cannot be found in any official Pokemon games.

Pokemon Sage Download

Players can explore six towns and cities within the Urobos region, each with a unique charm and atmosphere. It also contains three Urobos League Gyms for trainers to challenge and test their skills and strategy. Players will also have to battle their way through the mysterious city of Gold, make new friends, and have a variety of adventures along the way. Pokémon Sage Download is a great way to fill your time with some awesome Pokemon action from your home.

The Gameplay of Pokemon Sage RPGXP

Pokemon Sage is a fan-made RPG Maker XP game developed by an anonymous developer in 2017. It enables players to explore the vast Urobos Region, based off of Central and South America. It features a unique set of Pokemon, also known as Fakemon, and an intriguing plot. Players can download the game for free for Windows operating systems and Mac or Linux users. Android users can download the Joiplay app to play Pokémon Sage. The RPGXP game follows a complex original plot and introduces the player to Northington, a city of bustle and growth.

Plot of Pokemon Sage Download

The plot of Pokemon Sage ROM is a captivating one, which weaves together elements from the history of Central and South America and the mysteries of the legendary Pokemon Quetzar. It begins with Northington, an ambitious character determined to revive Quetzar and unlock the secrets of the City of Gold, sealed away by Quetzar in a fit of wrath. Quetzar, approximately 1,500 years old, had previously brought about progress and growth in the Urobos region. Still, due to humanity’s greed and arrogance, it had been forced to seal off the city, limiting its powers.

Pokemon Sage ROM Download

Players join Northington on a quest to awaken Quetzar, exploring the vast Urobos region and encountering its unique Fakemon while battling rivals and gym leaders. Along the way, they must unravel the mysteries of the region’s ancient history and their own connection to it to succeed in their mission.

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What are the Random Features of Pokemon Sage Game?

Here are some Features:

Unique Fakemon Roster: In Pokemon Sage ROM Download, there is a notable assortment of around 200 particular Pokémon in Pokemon Sage Pokedox. These entities, referred to as Fakemons, are not included in Nintendo’s official list of Pokemon, thus enhancing the gameplay with their exclusive and distinctive touch.

Expansive World: Players are encouraged to venture into the vast Urobos region, an unexplored and distinctive area boasting a wealth of cultural and environmental variety.

Challenging Gyms and Rivals: Trainers can test their skills against three Urobos League Gyms and face off against new rivals, providing fresh challenges and battles.

Pokemon Sage ROM

Immersive Storytelling: Pokémon Sage RPGXP delivers an engaging narrative with main plot events and various optional side-quests, allowing players to dive deeper into the game world’s mysteries and adventures.

Walking with Pokémon: A remarkable aspect is the capability to stroll beside your Pokemon, enhancing the connection between trainers and their creatures.

Complex Strategies with New Fakemon: Adding fresh Fakemon to the lineup enhances the potential for intricate and varied battle tactics, ensuring that gameplay remains dynamic and thrilling.

More Surprises: Beyond these critical features, the Pokemon Sage Download offers additional surprises and elements to enhance the gaming experience.

Download Pokemon Sage ROM Full Game

Pokémon Sage Complete Game offers a fresh, exciting take on the beloved Pokemon franchise. With its unique region, diverse roster of new Pokemon, and innovative gameplay features, it has captured the attention of both long-time fans and newcomers alike. The game’s emphasis on strategy and exploration adds depth to the gameplay experience, providing hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your journey, Pokemon Sage ROM Download is worth checking out. So grab your Pokeballs and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Pokémon Sage!


Is Pokemon Sage a full game?

Yes, Pokémon Sage is considered as a completed fan-made RPG Maker XP game as it does not have any update for years.

Are there gyms in Pokemon Sage?

Yes, there are three Urobos League Gyms in the game for trainers to challenge as part of their journey to become a Pokemon Champion.

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