Pokemon Platinum ROM Download Version Nintendo DS (NDS)

Pokemon Platinum
Genre Role-Playing
Publisher Nintendo
Released September 13, 2008
Download 165
Region USA
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Pokemon Platinum ROM is the modified version of the popular Nintendo DS games, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Pokemon Platinum is an upgrade from the Diamond and Pearl version, which is why it is widely regarded as the definitive version of the NDS. You can enjoy this engaging adventure game on any suitable emulator by downloading the Platinum ROM.

The game features improved gameplay elements, including new characters, an expanded storyline, and additional settings, such as the fascinating Distortion World, home to the legendary Pokémon Giratina. The player’s role in the game is to battle various trainers, catch wild Pokemon, and thwart the plans of the nefarious Team Galactic. The Platinum version introduced many new features, including a more substantial role of Giratina, changes in Pokémon appearances, and the revamped Battle Plaza.

Pokemon Platinum ROM

Initially released in 2008, the game is set in the Sinnoh region and consists of the main storyline and side quests where players can earn various items. The game also features new Pokemon, including Dialga and Palkia, and new items that add a diverse element to gameplay. With impressive features and an engaging storyline, this ROM allows a fresh take on the classic Pokémon games.

What is the Storyline of Pokemon Platinum ROM?

In the Pokemon Platinum ROM, players embark on a thrilling adventure set in the beautiful region of Sinnoh. The storyline revolves around an aspiring young trainer navigating various towns, cities, and routes while battling against skilled trainers and capturing various Pokemon species. Along the way, players encounter Team Galactic, a nefarious organization plotting to use powerful Pokemon for sinister purposes.

As the protagonist delves deeper into their journey, they uncover secrets about the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. These powerful creatures hold the balance of time and space in Sinnoh, making their capture crucial in thwarting Team Galactic’s dangerous plans. The story unfolds with unexpected twists and turns as players meet iconic characters like Cynthia, the strong-willed Champion of Sinnoh.

Throughout the game, players face moral decisions that add complexity to the narrative. This invites reflection on our own choices and how they impact others. With its captivating storyline brimming with mystery and excitement, Pokemon Platinum Download provides an immersive experience that leaves players eagerly anticipating each new plot development as they strive to become true champions in this enchanting world filled with extraordinary creatures.


The gameplay of Pokemon Platinum ROM Download is a thrilling experience for both new and veteran trainers alike. This enhanced version of the popular Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games introduces several exciting features that add depth to the gameplay. One notable addition is the inclusion of the Distortion World, an alternate dimension filled with challenging puzzles and formidable opponents.

Furthermore, Pokemon Platinum GBA introduces players to numerous legendary Pokemon that needed to be present or easier to obtain in previous versions. These legendary creatures are powerful allies in battles against ruthless trainers and gym leaders. Additionally, the Battle Frontier awaits skilled trainers seeking a greater challenge, providing a variety of battle formats and unique rewards.

Players will also capture, train, and evolve their Pokemon team throughout their journey. The expanded Pokedex allows them to discover even more species than before, encouraging exploration and discovery during their epic adventure. Ultimately, Pokemon Platinum offers an immersive gameplay experience full of surprises at every turn, ensuring countless hours of enjoyment for fans of this beloved franchise.

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What are the Features of Pokemon Platinum ROM Download?

Original Gameplay

The core gameplay of Pokemon Platinum Pro closely emulates the original Pokemon Platinum Version for the Nintendo DS emulator. Players are tasked with capturing a wide array of Pokemon species, engaging in battles against skilled Gym Leaders, and embarking on an adventurous journey through the enchanting Sinnoh region.

As players progress, they will unravel an engaging storyline around the notorious Team Galactic. This nefarious organization seeks to capture and control powerful legendary Pokemon for their sinister purposes, posing a significant threat to the peaceful balance of the region.

Distortion World

In the Pokemon Platinum ROM for PC, developers introduced a mesmerizing feature called the Distortion World. This intriguing realm adds an extra layer of depth and captivation to players as they progress through the game. As trainers journey deeper into the story, they uncover a mysterious portal leading them to this enigmatic world.

The Distortion World is a surreal dimension that challenges players with its unique physics and mind-bending puzzles. Gravity has a life of its own, as players find themselves walking on walls and ceilings, defying traditional laws of nature. Navigating through this twisted reality requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Expanded Battle Frontier

In Pokemon Platinum GBA, players can experience an exhilarating evolution of the Battle Frontier. This renowned facility now boasts new additions like the Battle Castle and Battle Hall, providing trainers with diverse challenges and strategic encounters.

The Battle Castle is a regal establishment where trainers can engage in intense battles against formidable opponents. Trainers must showcase their tactical prowess as they face both strong Pokemon and cunning trainers, testing their skills to the limit. Strategy and careful planning are crucial in overcoming these challenging battles.

On the other hand, the Battle Hall offers a different kind of challenge by providing trainers with unique one-on-one battles against various types of Pokemon. These battles encompass numerous rounds where trainers must adapt their strategies on the fly to emerge victorious. Each round introduces a different type of opponent, making it imperative for trainers to have a versatile team.

New Best Pokemon Additions

Players are introduced to an exciting and diverse array of new Pokemon species in the popular role-playing Pokémon Game. A highlight among these additions is the legendary creatures Shaymin and Giratina’s Origin Forme, which contribute to a wider variety of creatures available for players to capture and train.

Shaymin, a mythical Grass-type Pokemon, captivates players with its adorable appearance and unique abilities. With a delicate flower-like form, Shaymin can transform into its Sky Forme when exposed to the magical Gracidea Flower. This transformation alters its physical appearance, grants Shaymin access to different moves, and enhances its overall power.

Enhanced Graphics

Pokemon Platinum ROM Download brings a refreshing makeover to the visual aesthetics of the franchise. This enhanced version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl delivers upgraded graphics bound to captivate longtime fans and newcomers. The game showcases stunning 3D models and animations, taking the adventure to new heights.

Pokemon Platinum Download

Pokemon Platinum Download for Nintendo DS emulator offers a remarkable improvement in its overall look and feel compared to its predecessors. The enhanced graphics bring Pokemon battles to life, immersing players in thrilling encounters with detailed visuals and fluid animations. The vibrant colors and intricately designed environments add depth and richness to the gaming experience.

Improved Soundtrack

Regarding Pokemon Platinum, players are in for an enhanced auditory treat. The game provides an improved soundtrack and introduces new tracks and remixed versions of existing music. This upgrade enhances the overall immersion and makes the gameplay experience even more memorable.

With this updated auditory experience, players can expect to be fully immersed in Pokemon Platinum. Whether exploring vast landscapes or engaging in intense battles, the new tracks and remixes add a layer of excitement that intensifies the gameplay.

What are Starter Pokemons in the Pokemon Platinum Version?

In Pokemon Platinum ROM, players can choose three starter Pokémon at the beginning of their journey. The available starter Pokémon are:

  1. Turtwig: Turtwig is a Grass-type Pokemon. It resembles a small turtle with a plant growing on its back. As it evolves, it becomes Grotle and later becomes Torterra, a Grass/Ground-type Pokemon.
  2. Chimchar: Chimchar is a Fire-type Pokémon. It resembles a small monkey with flames on its tail. It evolves into Monferno and later into Infernape, a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon.
  3. Piplup: Piplup is a Water-type Pokemon. It resembles a penguin chick. It evolves into Prinplup and later into Empoleon, a Water/Steel-type Pokemon.

Download Pokemon Platinum ROM For Nintendo DS Emulator (NDs)

Pokemon Platinum is a fantastic way for fans to experience the beloved game on their preferred device. With its improved graphics, new features, and wide range of Pokemon to catch and train, players will fully immerse themselves in the world of Sinnoh. Playing the game on various platforms also adds to its convenience and accessibility. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the franchise, Pokemon Platinum offers an exciting and engaging gaming experience that should be noticed. So why wait? Download Pokemon Platinum ROM today and embark on your own Pokemon adventure!


Are there new Gym Leaders in Pokemon Platinum?

The Gym Leaders in Pokemon Platinum are the same as those in "Diamond" and "Pearl." However, their teams and strategies may have been adjusted to provide more challenge.

Can I catch legendary Pokémon in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, Pokemon Platinum features several legendary Pokémon that players can encounter and attempt to catch, including Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Shaymin, and others.

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