Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download GBA ROM (RPG Maker XP)

Pokemon Phoenix Rising
Genre RPG
Publisher mathiasjrg
Released May 25th, 2018
Download 144
Region USA
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Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM is a fan-made game based on the beloved Pokémon franchise that has been gaining popularity since its release for GBA in 2015. It is developed using RPG Maker XP software and features a new region called Hawthorne, based in Southeast Asia.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download

Players can explore this new region with their Pikachu, catch and train Pokémon, battle other trainers, and collect gym badges to challenge the Pokemon League. Along the way, they can unlock new skills and mega evolutions, undertake various quests, customize their character, save their progress, and take on the Oracle’s challenges. The Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download is available on Windows, GBA, Android, and PC. It offers a unique blend of Pokémon gameplay and RPG elements with stunning graphics and an immersive environment.

What is the Gameplay of Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download?

In a new region known as the Hawthorne region, the Pokemon Phoenix Rising GBA is set to have a traditional RPG theme with some exciting new features. Players don’t need a high-end PC to enjoy the game, as it can be downloaded for free and enjoyed on most computers.

Players will explore the region, starting in the sonata town, while taking on different characters and gym leaders to gain experience points. The Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM Download has a crossover of elements from the traditional RPG games, such as the Council of Oracles, and also provides side-quests and infinite play style customization. Players can choose from various starters like Ho-Oh, the fire-type, and have access to brand new Pokemon and stats to battle trainers and explore the world.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising GBA

The latest Pokemon Phoenix Rising Version features new ways to play, new types of Pokémon, and an immersive and captivating storyline. Players can surrender in battles, and the playthrough is unique to each individual based on their choices. Fans of the Pokémon franchise will be delighted to find a new game with familiar iconic characters, gameplay mechanics, and some new surprises and customization options.

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What are the Features of Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM?

New Region – Hawthorne: Explore the diverse and captivating Hawthorne region, inspired by Southeast Asia, filled with unique towns, cities, and environments.

Original Story with Mature Themes: Delve into a captivating storyline that explores thought-provoking topics and introduces intricate personalities, offering a more profound and emotionally captivating journey. Experience the immersive world of Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download GBA.

New Pokémon Designs and Abilities: Encounter a variety of new and original Pokemon designs, each equipped with distinct abilities and characteristics, adding strategic depth and unpredictability to battles.

Unique Powers and Environment Interaction: Use your character’s extraordinary ability to communicate with Pokemon and engage with the surroundings inventively, potentially revealing hidden information and resolving challenging tasks.

Multiple Endings: In the Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM Hack, players can shape the story’s outcome by making impactful choices. These choices affect the narrative and lead to multiple possible endings. This unique feature provides players with a high level of replayability and a personalized narrative experience.

Side-Quests and Optional Events: Delve into the world of Hawthorne through engaging side-quests and optional events, offering insights into the region’s lore, inhabitants, and hidden treasures.

New Gameplay Mechanics: Experience new mechanics such as riding certain Pokémon and using novel item types, adding diversity to the gameplay and enhancing the overall experience.

Engaging Battles: Embark on an exciting adventure filled with epic clashes against trainers, untamed Pokemon, gym leaders, and the legendary Elite Four. Prepare for a captivating experience that combines tactical decision-making with heart-pounding confrontations.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM

Character Customisation: Express your individuality by customizing your character’s appearance and selecting your starter Pokemon, adding a personal touch to your journey.

Choice-Determined Gameplay: Explore a world of moral ambiguity as you navigate the main quest and side-quests in Pokemon Phoenix Rising GBA ROM. Your decisions will have far-reaching effects, showcasing the multitude of possibilities within this complex gaming universe.

Skill Trees and Talents: Progress through skill trees to unlock talents tailored to your play style, enhancing your character’s abilities with earned talent points.

Quest System: Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download, where a comprehensive quest system awaits. Immerse yourself in diverse and compelling stories as you lend a helping hand to needy individuals, adding layers of richness to your thrilling journey.

PokeStrap: Utilize the PokéStrap, a versatile tool with applications and utilities to aid you on your journey, which can be toggled on or off based on your preference.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Starters


Torchling is a fiery avian creature classified as a Fire-type Pok mon. It boasts a blazing flame atop its head and a scorching tail.


Aquarelle is a Water-type Pokémon resembling a water-based creature, featuring a captivating blue hue and a pristine white underbelly. Notably, it boasts an elegant frill around its neck that beautifully mimics the graceful form of a wave.


The Nymphleaf is a Grass-type Pokemon known for resembling a small, green, leafy creature. It boasts a beautiful flowery bloom on its head and a tail that resembles a vine.

Conclusion: Download Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM

Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM is a fantastic addition to the world of Pokemon fan games. Its captivating storyline, immersive graphics, and unique features, such as the loyalty system and character customization, offer a fresh and exciting experience for both new and seasoned players. The dedication and passion of the development team shine through in every aspect of the game, resulting in a polished and enjoyable gameplay experience. Whether you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan or simply looking for a new gaming adventure, Pokemon Phoenix Rising GBA is worth checking out. So why wait? Download the Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM now and embark on your very own Pokemon journey!


Can I customize my character's appearance in Pokemon Phoenix Rising?

Yes, character customization is a feature. You can change your character's outfit and skin tone, and unlock new outfits as you progress. This allows you to tailor your character's appearance to your liking.

Are there multiple endings in Pokemon Phoenix Rising GBA?

Yes, the game features multiple endings that are influenced by the choices you make throughout the story. This encourages replayability and lets you experience different outcomes.

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