Pokemon My Ass Version Download GBA ROM

Pokemon My Ass
Genre RPG
Publisher Lucas Urso e Bobby
Released October 15, 2023
Download 86
Region USA
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If you’re a Pokemon fan looking for a unique and comical twist on the classic Pokemon Fire Red game, look no further than the Pokemon My Ass Version. This GBA ROM Hack, created by Lucas Urso and Bobby, is a tongue-in-cheek remake of the original Pokemon Fire Red.

You’ll embark on a naughty and hilarious journey through a revamped Kanto region. The Game takes the classic Pokemon formula and turns it on its head. From a shirtless protagonist to Gym Leaders like Brock wearing bikinis, this ROM is designed to make you laugh.

Pokemon My Ass Version

But it’s not all about the humor; Pokemon My Ass Cheats offers an engaging and entertaining gameplay experience that still pays homage to the beloved original. If you’re ready to see the Pokemon world in a whole new light, it’s time to download Pokemon My Ass and start your retro adventure at GameBoy Advance Emulator.

The Gameplay of the Pokemon My Ass Version

When you dive into Pokemon My Ass, you’ll quickly realize that this Game is not your typical Pokemon game. It’s a hilarious and cheeky take on the classic Pokemon Fire Red, offering players a unique and entertaining experience.

One of the standout features is the altered character design, with the protagonist and many NPCs opting for a no-shirt look. Gym Leaders, including Brock in a bikini, add to the zany charm of the Game. But it’s not just about appearances; the gameplay of this Pokemon game has some surprises in store.

Pokemon My Ass Cheats

You’ll encounter new events, like the Ninja Squirtle in the sewers and fishing in a volcano, adding an unexpected twist to your Pokemon journey. And remember, you can even buy Pokemon in PokeMarts, changing how you build your team.

It is a must-play if you’re a fan of Pokemon Hacks that combine humor with classic gameplay. Download Pokemon My Ass GBA and embark on a retro adventure.

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Hilarious Features of Pokemon My Ass GBA ROM

Changed Character Clothing

The Game Pokemon My Ass has a unique and daring approach to character design. The main character and various non-playable characters are depicted without shirts, resulting in a visually striking style that adds a touch of humor to the overall gameplay experience.

Altered Gym Leaders

Prepare for a surprise when you encounter Gym Leaders. Gym Leaders, including the iconic Brock, are known for their unconventional attire, such as bikinis. This unexpected twist adds a comedic element to Gym battles.

Different Main Objective

In the Pokemon My Ass Version, players can expect an innovative twist on the original Game. With a captivating storyline and exciting new objectives, this Game promises to keep players entertained and engaged throughout their journey.

Text Changes

The in-game text and dialogue have been modified to match the Game’s humorous tone, providing players with amusing interactions and witty commentary.

Buying Pokemon

In Pokemon My Ass Cheats, players can purchase Pokemon in PokeMarts, adding an exciting team-building dynamic. Collect enough in-game currency to acquire Pokemon and assemble your dream team.

Pokemon My Ass GBA

Humorous and Playful Atmosphere

The Game aims to make players laugh with its tongue-in-cheek humor and playful design choices. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering a refreshing and lighthearted take on the Pokemon universe.

Nostalgic Retro Experience

Pokemon My Ass Version maintains the fundamental gameplay and mechanics of the beloved Pokemon Fire Red, offering a nostalgic journey for dedicated fans, despite its incorporation of humorous elements.

Unique Events

The ROM Hack features a diverse range of unique Pokemon events, including encountering a Ninja Squirtle in the sewers or fishing in a volcano. These events offer players an unconventional and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Unique Region Remake

Pokemon My Ass GBA takes the Fire Red engine as its foundation, but it goes beyond that to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience in the Kanto region. If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on this beloved world, this Game is an absolute must-play.

Download Pokemon My Ass Cheats

In conclusion, the Pokemon My Ass offers players a unique and humorous twist on the classic Pokemon games. Its clever dialogue, unexpected plot twists, and challenging gameplay provide an entertaining experience for fans looking to inject some fun into their Pokemon journey. While it may not be an official release from Nintendo, this ROM hack showcases the creativity and passion of the fan community. So why not give it a try? Download Pokemon My Ass ROM today and embark on an adventure that will have you laughing out loud and rediscovering your love for the Pokemon franchise.


Can I play Pokemon My Ass on a Game Boy Advance emulator?

Yes, you can play Pokemon My Ass on a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator on your computer or mobile device.

Is Pokemon My Ass Version a complete game, or is it still in development?

Pokemon My Ass is typically a completed ROM hack with its own storyline and gameplay.

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