Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM Download Nintedndo DS (NDS)

Pokemon Garbage Gold
Genre RPG
Publisher InsipidAxiom
Released October 25, 2023
Download 145
Region USA (English)
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Discover a unique and captivating Pokemon experience with Pokemon Garbage Gold – a ROM hack of the classic Nintendo DS game Pokemon HeartGold. Developed by InsipidAxiom, this hack brings many new features to the familiar Johto region, making every playthrough an exciting and unexpected adventure.

Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM

Put your skills to the test with the Trashlocke – a challenging game mechanic where you’re restricted to Pokemon with a base stat total of less than 425. Explore the Kanto Wasteland and other captivating locales, uncovering new areas, items, and storylines—Encounter Gauntlets, where you must conquer a series of trainers with modified battle conditions. Delve into the secrets of this post-war Johto, teaming up with time travelers Grovyle and Celebi from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Enjoy a visually stunning and immersive experience with a remapped overworld and Gen 5 graphics. Take on the challenge of Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM Hack and explore an entirely new narrative in the Pokémon World.

What is the Gameplay of Pokemon Garbage Gold Hack?

Pokemon Garbage Gold is an exciting ROM hack of the classic Pokemon Heart Gold game. It removes the restriction of the original game, allowing players to download and play as they please. Cheats have been released to make the game even more fun and exciting. The game also includes all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky features. Players can heal their Pokémon, evolve them, and learn new movements. The game has a balance system that prevents players from having too powerful Pokemon. The level caps are entirely redone, and trainers can obtain and use items given to them.


One of the most unique and thrilling aspects of Pokemon Garbage Gold Cheat is the Trashlocke. This daring challenge requires that the player’s team consists only of Pokemon with a base stat total of less than 425, creating a demanding and exciting gameplay experience. While this limit is restrictive, with over 300 diverse Pokémon available, the player still has plenty of options to make a well-balanced team with creative strategies. From Chansey to Centimpede, a wide variety of Trashmon can be found, each with unique move sets and level-up learnsets. Players must battle enemy trainers and navigate different routes to progress to add to the challenge.

Pokemon Garbage Gold Cheat

Additionally, with the new HG-Engine and ActiveHenry setup, players can experience a virtually untouched game engine featuring fresh and original content, such as new tilesets and extra encounters. Weather conditions like Rain, absent from the original Generation 5 games, are given to the player to make battles even more strategic.

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Exploring the world of Pokémon Garbage Gold NDS ROM is a delight, with remapped overworlds featuring Gen 5 graphics and plenty of new areas to explore. An entirely fresh tileset, custom maps, and extra encounters bring the game to life, enabling you to discover new secrets and battle powerful trainers. The world of Garbage Gold is unlike many other ROM hacks, with virtually every aspect of the game meticulously edited and adjusted to create a unique experience.

Traversing the Kanto Wasteland and other captivating locales, you’ll stumble upon rare candies, max repels, and running shoes to help you. Every Pokemon Center is stocked with Exp Share, evolution stones, and rare items normally unobtainable in the vanilla game. Shops also offer unique things like PP Up and Rare Candies and special moves like Play Rough and Scald.


In addition to the captivating narrative and diverse challenges of Pokemon Garbage Gold Download, the game boasts an impressive selection of items. Players may find and download Pokemon from the Pokemon Center, purchase items from Garbage Green, and obtain rewards through progression. Furthermore, the game offers many things unavailable in vanilla Heart Gold, such as the volt switch, accelerock, draining kiss, spirit break, dazzling gleam, snarl, electroweb, and poweruppunch. Players must defeat enemy trainers and clear Gauntlets to earn these rare items, making progression all the more rewarding.

Pokemon Garbage Gold Download

Moreover, the game allows trainers to customize their playthrough by purchasing items from the taxation shop. Players can buy plenty of rare candies, max repels, exp share, and running shoes to make their journey more comfortable.

What are the Features of Pokemon Garbage Gold NDS ROM Cheat?

Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM v1.2.3 features unique decompilation that allows gamers to explore the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky with Gen5 exceptions. These exceptions include molten mud, fairy breeze, quiver crawl, new moon, supernova, black hole, shadow shift, permafrost, star prayer, swift strike, earthshatter, spearhead, and suggestion. There is also a Trashlocke Challenge in which players must defeat trashmon in battle while facing weather conditions like Rain. The Pokemon Garbage Gold Download also features customized enemy trainers that have been given a complete makeover.

  • Decompilation and New Pokemon: Pokemon from generations 5-6 and Mega Evolutions are added and entirely usable in-game due to decompilation.
  • Trashlocke Challenge: Players are limited to using Pokémon with a base stat total of less than 425, with some exceptions, for a challenging gameplay experience.
  • Gauntlets: A series of trainer battles with modified conditions, adding a layer of challenge and variety to the game.
  • Limited Items: Access to shops is removed, but players can find held items throughout the game. QoL things like Rare Candies, Max Repels, and Running Shoes are available.
  • Customized Enemy Trainers: Enemy trainers are tailored for balance, variety, and theme, providing a coherent challenge when faced together in gauntlets.
  • Redone Learnsets: Every available Pokemon has a unique and valuable level-up learnset, improving move variety.
  • Altered Encounters: Encounters feature Pokemon from the first six generations and some regional variants, expanding the diversity of available Pokemon.
  • New Moves: Moves from more recent generations and entirely new moves are added for strategic gameplay.
  • Remapped Overworld: The game uses Gen 5 graphics, with new areas to explore and discover.
  • Revised Story: Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM Download offers a completely rewritten plot, set in a post-war Johto, with mysteries surrounding the scarcity of strong Pokémon and items. Time travelers Grovyle and Celebi assist in uncovering these mysteries.
  • New Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music is integrated into the game, adding a unique and nostalgic audio experience.
  • Level Caps: Gym leaders have level caps on their Pokémon to prevent over-leveled challenges.
  • Town Encounters: Nuzlocke-friendly town encounters are introduced, providing extra opportunities to catch Pokemon.
  • Instant Text: Text is displayed instantly for faster progression.
  • Removable HMs: Players can forget HMs like Cut and Rock Smash without needing a move deleter.
  • Cap on PP: In Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM, moves are limited to a maximum of 10 PP, encouraging the use of multiple Pokemon during battles.
  • Chansey Aides: Chansey NPCs are placed throughout the region to heal your Pokemon when far from a Pokemon Center, reducing the need for backtracking.
  • Fully Documented: Comprehensive documentation of trainers, encounters, gauntlets, movesets, and more is available for players’ reference.

Download Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM


Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM is an amazing Hack that gives a new twist to the classic games of the Pokémon franchise. It offers a unique gaming experience with completely revamped maps, modified level caps, new enemy trainers, various items and resources, and new evolutions and movements. This game allows players to explore the Johto region and battle their way through multiple routes. In addition, they can also take on several extra encounters, such as Chansey and Trashmon, while also having the chance to obtain rare candies, max repels, exp share, and running shoes. With all these features, Download Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM promises an exciting and fresh experience that players of all ages can enjoy. With its new tilesets, revamped Overworld, and plenty of unique features, Pokemon Garbage Gold Cheat Hack is a must-have for any series fan.


Are there new Pokémon in Pokemon Garbage Gold?

Yes, Pokemon Garbage Gold ROM hack includes Pokémon from generations 5-6 and Mega Evolutions, making them fully usable in-game.

What is the level cap in Pokemon garbage gold?

The level cap in Pokemon Garbage Gold varies for different gym leaders and challenges, but specific level ranges are implemented to maintain a balanced and challenging gameplay experience.

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