Pokemon Exceeded Download GBA ROM Hack

Pokemon Exceeded
Genre RPG
Publisher Beniboy
Released August 10, 2022
Download 147
Region USA
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Pokemon Exceeded is a recently released hack of the Pokemon Emerald Hack developed by Beniboy, which is based on the original Pokemon Emerald game. This game version is now available for download, and the latest update was released on February 27, 2023. With its updated content, players can expect a fresh take on the classic game, allowing them to explore new challenges and adventures.

This Pokemon Exceeded Download offers a variety of new features and gameplay mechanics, ranging from Pokemon up to Gen 8, custom starter Pokemon trio, optional challenges, sandbox mode, and more. Players can also expect to find new moves, abilities, and even quests to unlock Pokemon. Features like the Inversed Type Effectiveness, Challenge from Smallant, and Neutralizing Gas add depth to the gameplay. Moreover, the hack also offers Nuzlocke Mode, Pokemon Battle Frontier, and post-game content, providing gamers with even more content to explore and enjoy.

What is the Gameplay of Pokemon Exceeded GBA ROM?

Pokemon Exceeded ROM is an exciting new take on the classic Pokemon Emerald game, featuring an updated version of the game available for download and a host of new features and gameplay mechanics. Developed by Beniboy, this ROM Hack includes many unique elements, such as the Innate ability, which allows each Pokemon to have up to three abilities, and new moves and abilities that can be unlocked through level, friendship, evolution, or even quests.

Pokemon Exceeded

The game also features a post-game with new Pokemon and strategies in the Battle Frontier. With an immersive storyline that follows the original Pokemon Emerald and plenty of new features to explore, pre-patched Pokemon Exceeded GBA ROM Hack will surely provide a unique and engaging experience for any Pokemon fan. 

Storyline of Pokemon Exceeded Download

Pokemon Exceeded Emerald is an expansive Pokemon hack rom developed by Beniboy in 2023, based on the original Pokemon Emerald game. The hack takes Emerald and adds many new features, cheats, custom movements, and functions as a Pokemon ability. Players explore the Hoenn region, gaining new Pokemon and discovering strategies while challenging themselves with optional tasks.

Pokemon Exceeded Emerald ROM

The game’s story diverges at one point, with a custom starter Pokemon trio of the player’s choice. In addition, there are new Pokemon up to Gen 8, Mega Evolutions, new moves, and new abilities. Players can also access the Pokemon Battle Frontier, Nuzlocke Mode, Inversed Type Effectiveness, Challenge from Smallant, and even quests after the main story. There are also new Pokemon and strategies to unlock through level-ups, and the game also features a Sandbox Mode and Mirror Mode. Download Pokemon Exceeded ROM to play the game on an emulator or GBA and have fun for around 60 hours.

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What are the New Features of Pokemon Exceeded?

Here are some Features:

Innate Abilities: Pokémon in this hack can have up to three Innate Abilities, which function similarly to regular Pokémon abilities. These Innates can interact with various in-game mechanics and add depth to battles.

Expanded Pokémon Roster: Prepare for an immersive experience as the Pokemon Exceeded Cheats introduces various Pokemon from Generations 1 through 8, allowing players to embark on thrilling adventures capturing and honing their skills with diverse creatures.

New Side Quests: Players can engage in new side quests, expanding the gameplay beyond the main storyline.

New Maps: Embark on a thrilling adventure in the Hoenn region by introducing new maps, expanding your exploration options, and bringing exciting possibilities for Pokemon encounters.

Pokemon Exceeded GBA ROM Hack

New Items: Pokemon Exceeded Download has introduced new items, potentially enhancing the gameplay experience.

Custom Starter Pokemon: Players can select from a custom three innates Pokemon or choose starters from different regions, including those from Pokemon Unbound.

Abilities and Innates: The Pokemon Emerald Exceeded has been enhanced by adding over 150 new innate abilities, bringing a deeper strategy level to battles.

New Moves: Over 50 fresh moves, incorporating terrains and a move influenced by the game Pokemon Unite, have been incorporated into the Pokemon Exceeded GBA ROM.

Move Changes: Over 150 moves have been adjusted regarding base power, accuracy, PP, and effects.

Customization Options: Players can customize their gameplay experience with features like Nuzlocke mode, randomization, optional challenges, sandbox mode, physical/special split, inversed type effectiveness, and more.

Game Difficulties: The Pokemon Exceeded Download offers players a range of difficulty options to suit their individual preferences. With four levels available – Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard – players can select the level of challenge that best suits their gaming style.

Reusable TMs and Move Tutors: TMs and move tutors are now reusable, and new ones have been introduced.

HMs Outside of Battle: Pokémon can use HMs outside of battle if they can learn the required move, with gym badges still necessary.

Experience Share: The experience share system in the Pokémon Exceeded Emerald is reminiscent of the one introduced in Generation VI and later generations (Gen VI Exp. Share).

Pokemon Exceeded ROM Hack

Weather Changes: Weather conditions have been adjusted, similar to Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Frostbite Status: The game now includes a new status condition called Frostbite and the preexisting Frozen status. This update has been implemented in the Pokemon Exceeded ROM Hack.

Stat and Damage Formula Rework: Stat and damage calculations have been adjusted, similar to Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Manual EV Distribution: Players can allocate Effort Values (EVs) to their Pokémon.

Mega Evolutions: Including Mega Evolutions enhances the gameplay experience in the Pokemon Exceeded Cheats ROM.

DexNav: The GBA ROM for this game includes DexNav, a feature that aids players in capturing Pokemon.

Move Relearner and Egg Move Relearner: NPCs are available to help players relearn moves and teach Pokémon egg moves.

Decapitalization: The game features proper text capitalization for improved readability.

Various Bug Fixes and Tweaks: The Pokemon Exceeded Download has undergone several updates according to the changelog, which has focused on fixing bugs and balancing issues while introducing new content.

Conclusion: Download Pokemon Exceeded ROM Cheat

In conclusion, Pokemon Exceeded Emerald is a fan-made ROM hack of Pokémon Emerald developed by Beniboy. This hack offers a variety of exciting features and enhancements to the original game, providing players with a unique and customized Pokémon experience. From new abilities, moves, and Pokemon up to Generation 8 to expanded customization options, gameplay improvements, and a deeper level of strategy, Pokemon Exceeded Cheats breathes new life into the classic Pokémon adventure. Pokemon Emerald Exceeded is a must-try for Pokémon fans seeking an enriched and challenging journey through the Hoenn region. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon Trainer or a newcomer, Download Pokemon Exceeded GBA for an exciting and refreshing take on the beloved franchise.


Does Pokemon Exceeded have Mega Evolutions?

Yes, Mega Evolutions are included in Pokemon Exceeded, allowing you to power up specific Pokémon during battles.

Does Pokemon Exceeded include Pokémon from newer generations?

Yes, Pokemon Exceeded includes Pokémon up to Generation 8, offering a wide variety of creatures to capture and train.

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