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Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Switch
Genre Adventure, Japanese role-playing, Action role-playing
Publisher Intelligent Systems
Released November 8, 2023
Download 38
Region World
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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ROM is a critically acclaimed role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published for Nintendo GameCube. It is the second game in the Paper Mario series and is part of the larger Mario franchise. It is a turn-based battle game with an emphasis on timing moves correctly. Players control Mario and can play as Bowser and Princess Peach at specific points.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM

The Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ISO Download features a unique drawing-based art style and allows players to explore the game world to find the mystic treasure and save the princess. It also provides a great gaming experience with many new features, such as the town of Rogueport and the X-Nauts group. Players can download the Paper Mario 1000 Year Door ROM for free or use a game emulator to play the game on a computer or other device. We highly recommend Paper Mario.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Walkthrough

For fans of the beloved RPG classic Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ROM, a comprehensive walkthrough is an invaluable companion on their adventure. This guide offers step-by-step instructions, tips, and strategies to navigate the intricacies of this paper-themed world. From the initial prologue in Rogueport to the showdown with the Shadow Queen, the walkthrough covers every chapter and subplot in detail.

It provides insights into battling foes with precision timing, uncovering hidden items, and solving challenging puzzles. Additionally, the guide assists players in recruiting and utilizing various partners, each with unique abilities crucial to progress.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Download

Whether you’re a first-time player or revisiting this timeless Nintendo GameCube gem, the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Walkthrough ensures an engaging and successful journey through the vibrant, papercraft-inspired Mushroom Kingdom.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door’s Characters

Paper Mario TTYD ROM features a captivating cast of characters that stirs the interest of any avid gamer. The protagonist, Mario, embarks on a quest to save Princess Peach, who is snared by the sinister X-Nauts. Along his journey, he is accompanied by a vibrant ensemble of characters, including the amnesiac Goombella, the spunky Koops, the secretive Vivian, and the feisty Flurrie. Each character possesses unique abilities and adds a different flavor to Mario’s quest. The antagonist, Sir Grodus, leads the malicious X-Nauts and poses a thrilling challenge to Mario’s mission. Other impressive figures, like the enigmatic Queen of Shadow, add further depth and intrigue to the game’s storyline. The catchiness of each character accentuates the charm of this beloved Nintendo classic.

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What are the Key Features of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ROM?

Paper-Themed World

The universe of the game, along with its characters and settings, are ingeniously crafted to resemble paper-made figures, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and innovative look!

Turn-Based Combat

The Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ROM features a turn-based combat system, where timing is crucial for executing moves effectively. Players must master precise button presses to maximize damage and defense.


Throughout his adventure, Mario has the opportunity to team up with a diverse range of partners, each boasting unique skills and special moves practical in combat and beyond! These invaluable allies play a crucial role in puzzle-solving and pushing forward in the game.

Paper Mario TTYD ROM

Crystal Stars

In the thrilling adventure of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Download, Mario embarks on a quest of epic proportions as he seeks to gather the legendary seven Crystal Stars. These magnificent artifacts hold unimaginable powers that will be bestowed upon our hero once acquired.


Mario can equip badges to enhance his abilities or gain new skills. Players can find badges hidden in the environment, purchase them, or occasionally receive them as rewards from defeated enemies.

Playable Segments

Not only do players get to control Mario, but they also have the chance to briefly step into the shoes of Princess Peach and Bowser, experiencing their thrilling gameplay segments!

Diverse Locations

The game offers a variety of locations with distinct themes and challenges, from a floating city with a fighting arena to mysterious ruins.

Engaging Storytelling

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ROM Download boasts an incredible and comical plot, blending iconic Mario characters with fresh, imaginative ones for an engaging and delightful story!


Players can embark on many sidequests in the Paper Mario TTYD ROM, providing exciting challenges and enticing rewards for those who desire to delve deeper into the game’s expansive world.

Paper Mario And The Thousand Year Door ROM

Unique Art Style

The game’s artistic approach combines 2D characters in a 3D environment, creating a visually appealing and distinct visual style.

Creative Puzzles

In Paper Mario And The Thousand Year Door ROM, get ready to be blown away by the mind-bending puzzles and challenges that will test your creativity and teamwork with Mario’s partners’ unique powers!

Minigames and Minigame Arcade

There are several minigames and an arcade in Rogueport that provide players with opportunities to earn rewards and enhance their gaming experience.

Download Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ROM

In conclusion, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ROM offers a unique blend of RPG mechanics and platformer elements that sets it apart in gaming. Its distinct visual style, engaging narrative, and lovable characters make it an unforgettable experience for players of all ages. The immersive gameplay, enticing puzzles, and strategic battles enhance its appeal. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the franchise or new to the world of Paper Mario, The Thousand-Year Door is a must-play title that will leave you captivated. Take advantage of this classic adventure – delve into the beautifully crafted world of Paper Mario today!


How does the combat system work in the game?

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door features a turn-based combat system. Players must time their button presses accurately to maximize the effectiveness of Mario's attacks and defenses.

Can I recruit partners in the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door?

Yes, Mario can recruit various partners throughout his journey, each with unique abilities and special moves that aid in both battles and solving puzzles.

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