Enchanted Portals Switch ROM (Nintendo Switch)

Enchanted Portals Switch
Genre Arcade, Action, Platformer
Publisher Perpetual Europe
Released November 4, 2023
Download 42
Region USA
4/5 - (1 vote)

Enchanted Portals Switch is a unique 2D platformer game set for release in 2023. Developed by the Spanish XIXO Games Studio, this game will surely bring a captivating adventure to fans of the genre. Players will follow Bobby and Penny, two rookie magicians stuck between dimensions and must use every tool to reclaim the Magic Book.

Enchanted Portals Switch ROM

The game features a charming old-timey art style, catchy music, and non-stop comedy. Players can explore various enchanting worlds and take on thrilling boss battles. With the help of powerful spells, players can take on action that is always fast-paced and whimsical. The Magic never stops with Enchanted Portals Nintendo Switch, and players will find news and videos about the game all over the internet.

Gameplay of Enchanted Portals NSP ROM

The action is always fast-paced in Enchanted Portals Switch, a co-op 2D platformer from Perp Games. Players can join Bobby and Penny on their journey through various enchanting worlds and be trapped between dimensions. To reclaim the Magic Book, they must find the charming old-timey art of the game’s many colourful settings.

The Nintendo Switch release of Enchanted Portals Game offers solo and cooperative play. In the solo mode, players can jump, double jump, and even fly on brooms as they navigate the platform stages. They also have access to powerful spells and moves, such as a Magic bubble to block attacks, and must contend with status effects that add an extra layer of challenge.

Enchanted Portals full Game

The cooperative mode of the game lets players team up with a friend as they battle the bosses, which feature multiple phases of dynamic combat. With catchy music and non-stop comedy, Enchanted Portals Full Game promises an excellent experience for all. Players can look forward to its release in early 2023 from Xixo Games Studio.

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What are the Unique Features of Enchanted Portals Switch?

Co-op and Solo Modes

The game offers players the flexibility to engage in either cooperative or solo modes, ensuring diverse adventure experiences.

Challenging Platform Stages

The Enchanted Portals Switch features challenging platforming stages set in various enchanting worlds across dimensions. Players will need to navigate these stages with skill and precision.

Thrilling Boss Battles

Enchanted Portals Game offers thrilling boss battles, each with its own unique and colourful setting. These boss fights are multi-phased, providing intense and dynamic combat encounters.

Enchanted Portals Nintendo Switch

Powerful Spells and Moves

Various spells and moves, such as fire, ice, and wind abilities, are readily available to players. They also can execute a double jump for improved aerial manoeuvrability, generate a magical bubble for defence against attacks, and utilize brooms for flying and underwater swimming.

Status Effects 

Throughout the Enchanted Portals NSP ROM, players can be affected by various status effects, such as restrictions on jumping and the inability to attack. These status effects add a layer of challenge and complexity to the gameplay.

Enchanted Portals Release Date 2023

As of November 1, 2023, the game will be available for players to enjoy. It’s an exciting moment for fans of 2D platformers and magical adventures as they can embark on their journey with Bobby and Penny in this whimsical and enchanting world.


Enchanted Portals Switch ROM is an action-packed, whimsical adventure game that allows players to access a variety of enchanting worlds. It follows Bobby and Penny, two rookie magicians, as they get stuck between dimensions in a magical book. Players must then use their skills to quest and find their way out of the book. This game features charming old-timey art, catchy music, and non-stop comedy. It is set to be released in 2023 and will be available on the Nintendo Switch. With its fast-paced and whimsical gameplay, the Magic never stops in Enchanted Portals Full Game.


When was Enchanted Portals Full Game released?

Enchanted Portals was released on November 1, 2023.

Can I play Enchanted Portals in both single-player and co-op modes?

Yes, the game offers both single-player and co-op modes, allowing you to choose whether you want to play solo or with a friend.

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